Updated COVID-19 Cleaning Protocol

Updated 03.19.2020

Yellow Bird Vacations has always taken pride in our housekeeping and is happy to maintain a full in-house cleaning staff and on-site laundry facility. While we have always maintained a high standard in our cleaning protocols and followed every cleaning with a detailed inspection, the current COVID-19 situation has dictated that we update our cleaning protocols to accommodate the need to more thoroughly disinfect our homes, reaffirm all previous protocols with our housekeeping staff, and practice safe distancing between our employees, guests, and homeowners. As always, our main goals are the health, safety, and general well-being of our guests so that they can focus most on enjoying their stay above all.

Limited Social Interaction

In response to the guidlines set forth by the WHO, CDC, United State government, and State of Michigan, Yellow Bird Vacations has taken steps to limit social interaction between employees as well as the number of employees interacting with our homes, our laundry, and our guests. 
  • Our office employees are working from home until recommendations from authorities change. Please continue to communicate with us as normal.
  • Our Grand Beach office has been locked down to be accessed by a single employee. This office manages our housekeeping, laundry and maintenance.
  • This single employee will deliver supplies and linens to the homes.
  • Our maintenance staff has been moved off-site to best reduce the number of people interacting with our supplies and linens while they undergo increased disinfection standards.

Updated Cleaning and Disinfection Standards

  • In addition to normal tidying and sanitation efforts, our housekeepers have updated their protocols to include disinfection of high-traffic areas and surfaces. Countertops, door handles, drawer and cupboard hardware, light switches and wall plate covers, remote controls, thermostats, banisters, etc. will all undergo increased disinfection standards. Where possible, disinfectant is applied and left for several minutes to properly disinfect before being wiped clean. Wash cloths and paper towels used are limited dedicated areas to limit possible cross contamination. 
  • All linens, including but not limited to towels pillowcases, sheets, comforters, mattress pads, and bath mats, are gathered and kept separated and contained during travel to and from the homes. They are washed with disinfectant detergant before being again contained and separated from other laundry. All linens are treated as if they are contaminated to ensure best practices. 
  • Most organizations believe that the virus can exist on surfaces for a maximum of 48 hours with some reporting lengths at a maximum of 72 hours. To accommodate this time frame, homes will remain unentered for a period of 3 days before housekeeping or maintenance staff enter the home. When possible, an additional three day buffer will be given after staff leaves the home before the next guest arrival. 
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